Master Your Data

Bring your data together around the concepts that drive your business.

Master Your Data

Bring your data together around the concepts that drive your business.

Your data has meaning, but it isn’t organized by meaning, it’s organized by legacy circumstance.

Transform data lakes into virtual knowledge graphs that analysts can trust.

Joshua Shinavier


Current solutions for enterprise data modeling are often informal and ad hoc. Conexus’ use of [math] as an interlingua for data can dramatically increase productivity by removing barriers to data integration.

David Balaban


As for Conexus’ influence, it has been substantial. Our gold standard for specifying anything now is that it must be categorical. We are beginning to trust nothing else. Our current specifications are based on Conexus.

Murray Cooper

Honeywell Aerospace

We strongly endorse Conexus. They have changed the landscape with their technology platform which fits very nicely into our design and engineering processes.

Marko A. Rodriguez



Conexus Data Fabric

Overcome data variety challenges with a Virtual Knowledge Graph.

  • Model around business concepts
  • Minimize data fragmentation
  • Avoid infrastructure redundancy
  • Maintain perfect data lineage
  • Enforce data governance policies

Integrate data across any data model.


Relational Databases

Graph Databases

UML Data Models


Enable better business decisions, faster.

Provide your analysts with the data they need

Don’t waste good data because it’s stuck in legacy structures.

Unleash the value of all your data faster for analytics, data science and automation. The future of your company depends on it.

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