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Conexus is open to partnering with data management service providers and ETL tool vendors.

Conexus has created the most sophisticated data migration capability in the world

We deliver a new formula for success by increasing developer productivity and creativity. The engagement process begins with our robust IT process specification discovery. Next, we build a pilot program introducing you to our proprietary CQL implementation. Licensing and integration of our staged rollout follows along with use case testing.


What is CQL and how is it changing the world?

CQL expresses data structures (schemas) and transformations between them. Think of CQL as an ETL tool that uses automated theorem proving techniques to verify that the transformations respect data integrity, and then deploys the transformations to big data engines such as Hadoop and Spark.

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Market leaders such as Deloitte and Uber; governmental agencies such as NIST; and start-ups such as Statebox are already experiencing the power of CQL. Contact us today to learn more about this groundbreaking AI revolution.

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