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Conexus partners with system integrators.

We supply system integrators with a next-generation data integration platform that unblocks projects at the largest scales, and system integrators help us scale up our skilled workforce.

Conexus has created a data integration solution that simplifies big complexity

We deliver a new formula for scaling data integration across many enterprise systems. The difference is that at the largest scales of complexity, projects that would cost billions of dollars to complete with non-categorical-mathematics solutions are achievable in the tens of millions.


What is Categorical Data Integration and how is it changing the world?

Categorical Data Integration expresses data structures (schemas) and transformations between them in a universal mathematical model. The benefits are that data integrity and relationships are preserved, lineage is captured, data governance is maintained, and data can be translated between any technology.

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We have been working with a handful of system integrators and welcome more to join our vision to enable universal data interoperability. If you are interested in how we can work together to unblock the most challenging data consolidation and interoperability projects please fill out the form below.

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