Optimizing Supply Chains with CQL

Optimizing Supply Chains with CQL


With Conexus’ revolutionary software, we can pinpoint data corruption at any point in your supply chain, reducing costs and increasing productivity.


What We Do

Supply chain management and logistics can be bolstered by the big-data revolution; however, to manage complex data in an ever-changing world, there’s a need for a power tool. Here at Conexus, we provide the means to make the internal workings of corporations run more smoothly and more intelligently.

There are many complications to supply chain management. External forces such as tariffs, fluctuating market dynamics, and transport availability require constant changes to data constraints and definitions. As so many parties could potentially touch data at a given point, there are additional ownership and privacy constraints to address.

At Conexus, our software enables us to model your supply chain dynamically while respecting privacy constraints.

Our software is based on robust mathematics, giving us the ability to verify data transformation and migration. This mathematics enables dynamic modeling that can simultaneously reconfigure logistics and track data lineage. There are some problems that cannot be solved with more processors and algorithms, but instead need a formalism with advanced organizational capability. This formalism can give you an interactive model of your supply chain that allows you to see where data came from and whether it can be transformed successfully.

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