Resolve urgent data ecosystem problems for healthcare organizations responding to the Covid Crisis

Resolve urgent data ecosystem problems for healthcare organizations responding to the COVID crisis

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What does Conexus do?

We enable organizations to reliably bring together data & data-driven models for analysis to make health and business decisions with confidence in life and death situations.

Of course in health care working with data has always been a matter of life-and-death. But in the era of COVID19 health, business, and regulatory risks are even more acute. Conexus solves the data ecosystem problems preventing you from improving patient outcomes, reducing care costs, and improving patient experience. Our highly trained technical staff and innovative software stack can be deployed to the places of your greatest need and urgency.

Improve Health Outcomes, Reduce Care Costs, and Improve Patient Experience

The data ecosystem touches all aspects of healthcare infrastructure, from drug discovery to care delivery to billing. Our unique approach to data management minimizes the risk of data losing quality/integrity/accuracy/meaning as it moves between different systems, so the conclusions drawn from it can be trusted in any context — not just the original context. We help payors, providers, and suppliers analyze previously unusable amounts of clinical data, insurance claims, pharmaceutical trial information, electronic medical records (EMR), and sensor data to clarify and optimize care for patients and reduce overall costs.

Accelerate development–Increase security and quality

Conexus will help you build data-centric software customized to solve your urgent problems. Conexus software is more secure, higher-quality, and more compliant with standards than existing solutions. Our MIT-trained staff is experienced deploying with speed, accuracy, and with an ease of use and scalability required to meet the needs of even the largest, most complex environments. We provide the precise, actionable remediation advice and context-specific education your developers require to fix defects quickly, either on-premise or in the cloud.

Fix faster today and code better tomorrow

The Conexus/MIT team can provide your developers the necessary training and information to fix identified issues—detailed descriptions, provenance/lineage, severities, detailed remediation guidance, and dataflow traces—as well as issue triage and management features. In addition, Conexus can provide education tailored to your team, which eases the journey to fixing problems quickly today and avoiding similar defects in the future.

Maintain speed without compromising accuracy

With Conexus software and its technical staff, your developers get accurate analysis as they code.  High-fidelity incremental static and dynamic analysis using the same comprehensive tool suite Conexus uses in large commercial deployments provides guaranteed consistent and accurate results using infallible techniques from symbolic AI – not ‘best guess techniques’ as others use.

Comprehensive solutions provided for Covid-responders at enterprise scale

Conexus easily supports thousands of projects and developers and millions of issues. Conexus’ solutions are built-to-order on the specification of the customer with easy-to-use, highly scalable, cloud-based application security platforms that seamlessly integrate with existing development tools and provide comprehensive security analysis from developer to deployment.

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