SQL-for-ETL Constraint Validator

Check a set of SQL ETL queries for constraint violations before you run them.

Having to re-run your ETL process costs money. Source tables change, your ETL process crashes, and your BI users’ reports won’t update on time.

Avoid Re-running ETL


  • Check that SQL ETL job requirements respect underlying data integrity constraints before running the job
  • Ensure that your SQL ETL process will work with your source and target schemas
  • Prove your SQL queries, working together, can never dangle a foreign key, regardless of the input data they are run on
  • Avoid discovering that your ETL process won’t work only after it runs
  • Maintain referential integrity throughout an SQL ETL process with provable assurance
  • Reduce the risk of your SQL ETL projects and avoid costly design mistakes

An easy way to reduce risk in any SQL ETL Process


Send your source schema, target schema, and queries to our software by hand or programmatically.


Receive mathematical proof your ETL process won’t violate integrity constraints, or the details you need to fix any errors.

New Math Enables Static Verification

SQL for ETL Constraint Validator is built from Categorical Mathematics and uses a powerful theorem prover to do static verification of conjunctive source to target queries.

Our solutions can find mistakes in your SQL ETL code when you write it, and before you run it.

If you don’t use SQL for ETL Constraint Validator…

Your SQL ETL process could fail, so your warehouse data won’t populate and people’s reports won’t run on time.

You could spend a lot more time and money developing or update SQL ETL processes than necessary.

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