Working at Scale

Working at Scale 

The continuing explosive growth of data accessible in enterprises cannot be fully exploited and monetized without new capabilities at scale:

  • A single recommendation for a customer can require reductions of 1,000,000:1 – twice! – to be actionable.
  • Communications between stakeholders, internal resource centers, and even within Information Technology (IT) require infrastructure and organization not previously considered.
  • Resources expended for organizing, preparing, and managing existing and dynamic volumes of data drive the costs of critical initiatives to improve enterprise agility, customer relations, and cost profiles.
  • Performance for machine learning and data sciences initiatives demand huge increases in volumes of data and processing to gain performance and confidence in the outcomes from those initiatives.

An imperative to be effective at scale forces enterprises that operate in a global view to be: stringent with cost controls, while substantially improving effectiveness with initiatives for digitalization, agility to supply chain changes, and shocks, while growing alongside global megatrends in infrastructures and regulatory compliance.

Conexus provides capabilities for our customers to work at scale in each major area where our customers need to secure gains. Key features in Conexus’ products and services offerings to accelerate change include:

  • Extending enterprise capabilities to work at scale by working with Higher Orders of data (schemas, multiple data models, and metadata) enabling improvements in organization independent of the volumes underneath.
  • Improving efficiencies with stakeholders and internal users by eliminating suspense and reconciliation by applying specific Enterprise Category Theory steps to transcriptions and transformations of data at interfaces and with dynamic feeds.
  • Improving the efficiency of initiatives to develop and deploy Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Data Sciences with a focus on cleaning and preparing data, preserving information to improve monetizing data, and optimizing access to data.

Issues for enterprise operations are even more focused on concurrently driving out costs while striving for process gains and improving value delivery to stakeholders. The key capabilities to do that are capabilities to work at economies of scale, drive process gains with information shared across enterprise divides, and using effective data organization with stakeholders to improve value delivery. Conexus augments existing talent and resources applied to get this done by:

  • Establishing a tool-based service environment that works on the properties, organization, and models of enterprise data;
  • Focusing capabilities on intractable problems at scale to effectively manage risks, improve cycle times, and enable existing resources and talent to resolve problems by applying new techniques and tools from Enterprise Category Theory;
  • Identifying and streamlining existing, or new, transition-points between and across stakeholders that must share or feed data;
  • Examining and improving steps to prepare common data used for multiple initiatives gaining improvements for each initiative.

To consolidate gains working at scale the Conexus applies tools, techniques, and processes from Enterprise Category Theory for our customers. These capabilities improve the capacity of enterprises to make and consolidate imperative gains.


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